Program Management

At Bozdemir International, we feel that a successful team atmosphere can only happen through mutual respect, formal partnering, effective communication and team collaboration. Keeping an open mind and acknowledging the expertise and experience that each team member brings to the project are important keys to maintaining a respectful and healthy working environment. Effective communication skills are a must. It is imperative that our team listens and understands your project goals and concerns.

We take building a successful team atmosphere very seriously. Werecommend that a “Strategic Planning” session be held once the coreproject team is assembled. The initial partnering workshop is attendedby the key leadership for the owner, design team and Bozdemir International. Duringthe workshop, the majority of time is spent working with team members insmall focus groups to develop the overall common goals for the projectin addition to its potential challenges.

The following are additional tools we use to improve team performance, motivation, communication and trust:

  • Planned, periodic partnering ‘refresher’ meetings throughout the duration of the project
  • Regular preconstruction planning sessions
  • Regular construction planning meetings
  • Budget control guidelines and measures
  • Special issues investigation/planning sessions (phasing, security, utility interfaces, etc.)
  • Written programs/procedures for communications, safety, operations, quality management, etc.
  • Monthly project status reports
  • Project information boards or kiosks
  • Informational meetings before and during construction activities
  • Site tours
  • Finally, identifying project milestones and celebrating their success as a team

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